People die everyday from adverse drug reactions


 of Adults take at least one medication per day.

8 Million+

 Kids under 18 are on psychiatric medication.


Deaths per year due to adverse drug effects.

Our Panels

Pain Management

Many people will be prescribed an opiod-based pain reliever at some point in their life. With the high addiction potential, the chance for overdose and/or death is favorable. We screen over 30 different drugs for chronic and acute pain.

Cardiovascular Heath

The most widely prescribed class of medication today are cardiovascular drugs. With over 26 million adults living with heart disease, it is the leading cause of death in the United States. We screen for over 25 cardiovascular medications.

Psychiatric/Mental Heath

Mental health includes everything from depression, anxiety or mood swings. Nearly everyone is affected in one way or another. 1 in every 10 Americans take an antidepressant and 38% report side effects. We screen over 30 psychotropic medications.


This option includes testing of all 3 panels in addition to medical insights and other drug classes, including over 200 medications. The results you find, will forever be a guide for you and your physician as your body and medical needs to continue to evolve.


DNA Help Center has partnered up with some of the largest labs in the country to bring awareness and prevention of adverse drug reactions to the public.

Have no insurance… No Problem.

Insurance doesn’t cover it… No Problem.

We make available all of the different DNA test on the market without having to go to a doctor and or having insurance. We do suggest that you take the report generated by the test to your Doctor for dosage and or alternative medications. It’s  fast simple and cheap. If you want to know what medications you or a family member should never take, order a test,send the saliva sample back in the prepaid kit back to the lab and get a report sent back to you in a matter of days. This is especially important for newborns, children, anyone taking multiple medications and elderly and people who cannot speak for themselves that could be giving a medication that might just kill them or cause serious side effect that will cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Not everyone responds to medications the same.  Everyone metabolizes medication different. Knowing how YOU react, may just save your life.


Everyone metabolizes medications according to their own DNA. Some people metabolize medications fast and some slow and some medications should never be mixed based on OUR DNA. Either one affects the outcome and may cause serious side effects or death aka Adverse Drug Reactions. The DNA Help Center PGX DNA test can be done without having to go to a doctor and or having insurance.